Are you ready for Easter?

by Margaret Palli

Yes, I am said Sally confidently. Sally works for a private company.  This year she made up her mind to do something for Easter.  Every year she starts on giving up something during this season but never continued till the end.  Isn’t it hard to give up that delicious meal at a family gathering or […]


by David Austin

Join me, if you will, to witness an event that occurred on a Friday afternoon nearly 2000 years ago. The location is just outside the city of Jerusalem. The city is enclosed by a wall. Outside the city wall, is a small hill, in the  shape of a skull. On top of the hill is […]

Second Word on the Cross

by Elizabeth Paturi

As Christians we all want to hear this same promise about our lives before leaving this earth. Because we all want to go to heaven. And we all want our eternal future to be secure with Jesus in heaven. We cannot talk about Jesus and His second word on the cross without talking about the […]

First Word on the Cross

by Anil Gundugollu

Our Ignorance: “For they know not what they do” Who crucified Jesus? Was it the Romans or was it the Jewish? In light oF the movie, “The Passion of Christ”, there has been lot of discussion in the media about this. In order to make his point, the producer, Mel Gibson, answered the critics by […]

Fourth Word on the Cross

by Sridevi Mullagiri

From these Seven Words of Jesus we can draw strength and courage for our own walk on this earth as we follow His call to be His disciples. He suffered the extreme penalty of death that we may live! Forth word is said to be “THE WORD OF DESOLATION”! Jesus had prayed for His persecutors, […]